Clean the air in a particular room.

Factual background:
It is evident that the air we breathe contains ionized particles and the volume varies from location to location.

Ionized particles come from various sources. Let's start with the X-ray Machine; the X-ray Machine operates by charging a piece of metal of the machine using both electromagnetism and photoelectric, and thus emits photons (same class as gamma but not gamma ray it self). And the photons from the X-ray Machine is strong; strong enough to ionized other particles (which means it can pull electrons off other particles leaving the affected particles positive ions).

x-ray/(iodine, other air particles) = ionizing radiation

Having gathered the evidence, this study has led me to a conclusion that the electron(s) of the outer shell(s) of the affected particle absorbs the energy from the photons, become charged and so are atracted to other electrons and repel the nucleus at the same time (causing it to go loosely out of its normal orbit). Under normal circumstances, electrons (-) are attracted to the nucleus ((+,0)=+), however when charged they repel, and the due force of attract and repel can lead to an unstable nucleus. In the case where the electrons are highly charged they can detach themselves off orbit altogether leaving that particular particle a positive ion.

The other source of radiation is the burning of coal which releases radioactive particles.

The situation presents a small issue where the instance when electrons repel and attract causes what is commonly known as ionizing radiation. So presented with a problem, the obective of this project is to eliminate ionizing radiation.

Current Supply:
The market currently supplies air purifier that filters the air by passing the air through tightly woven, replaceable glass fibre filters; the filter traps particles in the air such as dust and pollen which reduces the effect of allergies, asthma and hay fever. The other contraption which the CleanAir system also encompasses is the humidifier, which humidifies your home to reduce the risk of coughs and colds which can be caused by an environment which is too dry.

The CleanAir System:
The CleanAir system as being developed filters the air using water, so by using water the CleanAir system first of all traps dust and pollen; and secondly reduces dry air as the dry air touches cold water. However before the air touches the water it would be filtered by highly complex filter to eliminate radiation, which will be unveiled at the end of the trial and ultimately completion.

Researcher: HD Hizo Trung.

Status: CleanAir Model 1 is operational and further tests are being conducted.

CleanAir Model 1 = UV/H2O

Test Environment

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