The Peach Garden Fund is a small humanitarian study group constituted in accordance with the Charities Act 1993(UK Law).

In the immediate, the study group intends to raise funds through the sale of advertising spaces. Thus so provides the means to participate with other philanthropic causes and international bodies by the assistance of marketing.

The money collected will be put to build a self-sustainable charity in the form of a small farm growing peaches; and with the center piece being The Temple of Our Holy Earth, the aims will be to conduct social and environmental studies, and to promote human rights. So as to be an addition, another chapter, to all religions, and all of mankind.

With ambitious goals in both environmental and existential arena, having studied social and physical sciences in fine details, and complimented by investment management, The Peach Garden Fund is in the process of developing an investment portfolio with interests in soft commodities and environmental products -- one being the CleanAir project that you are welcome to examine. Though as of now you are invited to engage in the advertisement section to show your support.

On the existential half of the mission, the PGF is currently studying into cells' regeneration with aims to aid in the prevention of illnesses, and accelerate the process of recovery. Thus solidifying the benefits of The Natural Way of Life in default. Details of this can be found in the existential section of the mission.

Environmentally, the PGF actively advocates the planting of trees to reduce negative environmental impacts, particularly fruits trees as this can further help in alleviating health and humanitarian issues. Further details plus other environmental ideas are in the environmental section of the mission.

And it is with this opportunity that The Peach Garden Fund invites all to participate in The Natural Way of Life; The Natural Way of Life is a life of detachment but only detachment from what is unnatural, so that, when in the hour of darkness, you shall do no evil and fear no evil.

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