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Stir fry - the basic principle:


2 tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of oil(veg, sunflower...)
1/3 teaspoon of sugar
1/3 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of light soya sauce
3 small potatoes
50 grams of fine beans
50 grams of mangetout
1 medium carrot
and a couple of handfuls of peas


Shave and slice carrot. Shave and slice potatoes, if it is new potatoes then you can save the shaving. Neatly cut either ends of fine beans to make length of 4-5cm. Neatly cut off either end of the mangetouts but leave them as they are. Dice the tomatoes and finely slice the garlic cloves.

Fry the potatoes as if you would fry chips. In a wok or pan, pour in a reasonable amount of water and bring to the boil, throw in your carrots, fines beans and mangetout, leave to boil for about 3mins, then drain. Now in the same pan or wok, make sure it is dry, throw in the oil, garlic and tomatoes, watch it sizzle and stir for about 2mins then pour in 200ml of water, soya sauce, salt and sugar and let it cook for about 2-3 mins or when you see the tomatoes are cooked and what is in the pan turns into a sauce, once this happens, throw everything into the pan and stir for about 4-5 mins and there you have a stir fry.

Apart from tomato and garlic to make the sauce, any vegetables can replace any vegetables and you can replace the potatoes with fried tofu. Also to add, make sure you add about 50ml of water to the stir fry at the final tiring session if it is too dry.

Serves 2 with rice or bread.

Stir fry

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