Tree of Knowledge

The PGF takes a view that all things are Trees, this view is taken from a number of cultures: Pan Ku of China; Gayomart of Persia; and Adam of the Tigris River. From classical and contemporary writings, Pan Ku is depicted covered with leaves like a plant; Gayomart when died, his semen fell upon the Earth and created the first human couple in the form of two rhubarb shrubs; and thirdly, the group of natives that live on the bank of the Tigris still worships Adam today as the super-soul, these people says he came from a date palm.

In the Bible, there are references to the tree of Knowledge and the tree of Life. So what is the tree of Knowledge when all things are Trees and furthermore, are all trees Knowledgeable?

The PGF's view is that, if a Tree has a brain then it is knowledgeable; and if a Tree does not have a brain then it is not and therefore would be the Tree of Life.

Now, to move on to the snake, the snake is a carnivore, the snake sheds its skin, the snake is immortal. The PGF's view is that: Adam and Eve was getting old and was tempted by the fact that the snake can shed its skin and look young again and the impression they have is that the snake eats meat and able to do and consequently Eve and Adam did the same, unknowing of the fact that humans are herbivores, they kept eating meat and got the taste for it. They then became ill, perhaps scurvy, thus became insecure of their bodily bits because it looked even worst and had to cover it up with animal skins of their prey.

Above is a clinical view of the Adam and Eve story, but the PGF also accepts that the story is understood as a moral story, where: if God tells you to do something you should do it unquestionably.

Adam and Eve
"The Ultimate pleasure is power over Desire!"

The Nine Degrees of Temptation:

1o. The birth of temptation
2o. The awareness of temptation
3o. The maturity of temptation
4o. The completeness of temptation
5o. The explosion of temptation
6o. The faithfulness to temptation at a physical level
7o. The faithfulness to temptation at a spiritual level
8o. The complete indulgence of temptation
9o. Man is a slave to temptation

The Tenth Degree:

10o. Slavery is a form of Freedom

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