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Presenting ideas, engaging dialogues, and tending to this Great Garden that we have called Planet Earth are the goals.

Since energy is a pressing issue, the reverse turbine you see in the sketch presents a source of limitless clean energy. The reverse turbine came from an unknown source, however the diagram you see is credited to The Peach Garden Fund.

Reverse turbine for greener energy:

Reverse turbine

Nature as we know it dictates our lives, so for this reason The Peach Garden Fund invites nations worldwide living near fault lines and are prone to earthquakes to plant deep rooted trees densely together in order to create a network of interlocking roots over those areas with a purpose of reducing the shocks from an earthquake. Furthermore, The Peach Garden Fund would like to offer a gift of The Peach Garden Blossoms; The Peach Garden Blossoms is a design for a town, village or city, especially those that suffer from floods and land slides, the design has been designed so that the trees would help the ground to become porous, thus soak up water in the event of heavy rain and at the same time holds the soil together to prevent land slides. All that being said, the best solution for all of these problems is by living amongst nature rather than clearing nature to make way for metropolis.


pink=trees green= living areas
The Peach Garden Blossoms

It is through international news and media channels that first presented the danger of spent radioactive materials of which grabed the attention of The Peach Garden Fund. The case presented was of an old salt mine that became a repository for radioactive waste, and it is through this case that the knowledge of layers of rock move constantly beneath our feet became apparent. So thinking of the most current and safest method of radioactive waste disposal -- such as in steel barrel lined with lead, filled around with concrete -- we are still left with the risk of movements between layers of rock that may crack it open if one half is attached to one layer and the other half is attached to another layer.

And to start with the basics, a light bulb and how it lights up will be the subject of this examination. Consisting of a small coil of metal connected to positive on one end and negative on the other, the small piece of metal glows when it is charged by the negative and positive from the two connections. So thus demonstrates the fundamental physics concerned with the movement of atomic particles, and the possibility of manipulations of atomic particles.

Theoretically all elements wish to be complete of electrons, and the application of this theory would be practical by means of offering extra electrons using a cathode, thus neutralises the radioactive waste. Alternatively the other method is to extract electrons, rather than pump in electricity as in electrolysis; we draw out its electron charge to speed up isotope disintegration (also known as radioactive decay).

In real terms, Chernobyl has shed some lights onto the concept of radioactive decay and the theory of half-life in relative to external variables such as air and rain, etc., since according to some experts it is now almost a forest and liveable. On this point The Peach Garden Fund invites all to take heed of the oxygen being produced from photosynthesis which contributes to isotope disintergration in a process we know as oxidation.

Having considered the facts, oxygen is a real solution to deal radioactive incidents in both short term and long term, and the planting of trees is ever so pertinent.

As for disposal of spent radioactive material, The Peach Garden Fund presents a method in the form of an electron extraction barrel complete with a depleted uranium rod. A method that would improve the efficient use of natural resource, save storage space, as well as providing greater understanding of particle physics in medicines and agriculture.

DU Barrel

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