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Through examinations of human dentures, evidence suggests humans are herbivores due to the flatness of our teeth and therefore unable to tear apart flesh. One could argue: As humans we have cooking instruments to cut-up meat and have the ability to use fire to cook it and that consequently kills the bacteria that exist in meat before consumption. From this a fundamental question arises: How does the human body digest food? At this theoretical level a simple mathematical application below shall apply.

To take a food (x) and hygiene perspective, it is clear, optimum infestation for any food is at 37o C which is the same as the body temperature, we also know that feces (y) are full of bacteria, so by simply putting the two facts together, and with the existence of yeast in the mouth and stomach taken into consideration, one would come to the conclusion: foods ferment in the stomach. So the result of this fermentation, whether it produces good microorganisms or bad microorganisms is dependent on the input. Consequently, a surplus of bad microorganisms or proteins could mean complications in the gastro-intestinal system, the cardiovascular system, or the musculoskeleto system. So to name a few that relates to the consumption of vitamin C.

Let's for a moment speak of our animal friends: cats and dogs, their body temperatures are between 37.7C - 39C, so it is too hot for the level of infestation in the human body to exist in their bodies, but they do have shorter life span due to a higher body temperature in comparison to humans. Now on the polar opposite we have the snakes -- a type of animal with a lower body temperature -- and again the environment here does not quite provide the same environment the human body do for infestation. So the body temperature is the most likely reason why cats, dogs and snakes can consume meat and not present similar illnesses to humans. And thus, if we are to endure the extreme of either polars the body would eventually cease to operate due to, among other factors, the insufficient oxidation of fat, protein, carbohydrate, etc., as demonstrated by the two references in the section below.

As humans we succumb to many diseases and often it correlates directly to our lifestyle, e.g. binge drinking, drugs, etc. But to suggest not living the natural way of life will result in a painful death is yet to be definitive, though cows have been known to succumb to mad cow disease through being fed feeds which contained animal products.

Most people would have the perception that herbivorism is a favourite among dieters. Although true in many ways, it can also be good for those who wish to gain weight healthily, and a few recipes in the recipes section should send one in the right direction and more will be added in due course.

And while it is forbidden in medical theology to give people immortality, it is not forbidden to offer humanity The Natural Way of Life. This is not meant to be a Trojan horse to some religious views, but instead the science that will guide humanity, and is the underlying similarity to all religions.

So to conclude on the historical background, there have been reports to suggest that if a patient had been ill and is recovering their recovery rate at a cellular level would likely to recover quicker if the patient is on a vegetarian diet. And The Peach Garden Fund aims to put a conclusion to this through scientific means in the medium term.

NB: The title of this section derived from Existentialism, a 19th century philosophical school of thoughts which dictated: We and everything in the universe are connected in a meaningful existence, or the opposite, where nothing connects nor meaningful.

The Peach Garden Fund takes a teleological view of existentialism where: All things in the universe are connected and that even when things don't turn out right, it does not mean that the universe is punishing us, quite the contrary, the universe is in fact helping to guide us in the right direction, though man often veer from this due to fear and anger. Through Herbivorism, the aim is to sway towards passiveness to create the balance between being too inhibited and too uninhibited, thus prevents shadows - borne from fear and anger - being able to set upon the individual's personality in both internal and external contexts and live the life of meaningful connections.

Vitamin C
Research on this subject is still at an early stage but already there are mounting evidence to support claims that: patient would recover quicker if they are on a vegetarian diet. This would not only benefit recovering individuals, but for the species as a whole.

To understand the subject fully one must identify its requirements. Working on the standard theory that the need for Vitamin C is vital to the immune system and for proper functioning of the antibodies; of which we lack due to our migration from our origin of the tropic. So from here we start.

1. Research into Vitamin C
. - Cows can produce their own Vitamin C and have an adequate level at all times

2. Research into bacterial growth in vegetable protein versus growth in animal protein and its mutation(s).


2.TRICARBOXYLIC CYCLE (Citric Acid Cycle / Krebs Cycle)


Various studies have found that a high level of growth factor in the blood of patients that had consumed livestocks that had been fed growth hormone, as well as those that have an abmormal high level of growth factor from unknown sources significantly increases the risk of cancer, inter alia, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Through theoretical research the PGF concluded that growth factors exist in meat regardless if they have been fed growth hormone or not. The issue that has come to the attention of the research is that the foreign growth factors(exogenous) are causing mutations, since the complex proteins are the result of mutation and so are more likely to mutate further when in contact with another. And it is on this basis which most illnesses exist including that of antibiotic resistant symptoms.

The other aspect that may stir interest is the rejection of foreign proteins, and on this particular area organ and tissue transplant set precedents thus are the fundamental premises of our research. And on the foundation that growth factors are difficult to be broken down by the digestive system and can be absorbed directly into the body via the IGF receptor before they enter the tricarbocylic cycle.

While the third article under further reading suggests that exogenous hormones may not be the contributing factor, quote, "The association of IGF1 with breast-cancer risk was not altered by adjusting for age at menarche, parity, age at first full-term pregnancy, use of exogenous hormones, and BMI, suggesting that the relationship of IGF1 with breast-cancer risk is not confounded by these other risk factors.". The Peach Garden Fund would refute on the ground of the evidence presented that test subjects' diet was not under scrutiny, thus we can only assume all participants used exogenous hormones in the form of meat consumption. However, quote, "Nevertheless, a better understanding of the joint effects of hormones on breast-cancer risk is needed.", is a welcome sign.

Img. SDS-PAGE - IGF1 Abcam

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