Existential Goals :: Environmental Goals

The Peach Garden Fund is a humanitarian study group constituted to study and to promote some of the most natural principles of humanity. Among other priciples, The Peach Garden Fund's aim to unite the human race through its work, thus making efforts to fulfil the first article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the important principles that the group endears.

First and foremost, The Peach Garden Fund will study into the effects of omnivorism in herbivores, both mentally and physically, to define the pros and cons upon inference. Deadly diseases, such as HIV and organ cancers, simple illnesses such as cold and flu, destructive urges from drug abuse to destructive sexual desire to death and destruction on the battle fields, could they be the results of omnivorism? Can we be better human beings by being more in-tune with our animalistic side through living as herbivores, thus lessen the risks of deadly diseases, lessen the risks of self destruction and as a result less likely to breed hate on others and "love thy neighbours"?

Secondly, The Peach Garden Fund will assist where it can in the event of environmental disasters and research on how we can exist with nature in harmony through sound and logical engineering.

In short, The Peach Garden Fund will aim to beautify the world by permeating the idea of The Peach Garden Blossoms; and break all barriers of unwelcome restrictions to free mankind from diseases and captors by means of providing learned, reprocessed and innovative information, as well as providing cooking recipes so we all can live The Natural Way of Life in accordance with the animal that we are and so enables each and every individual to battle our demons whether it is captors or diseases alike.

The Peach Garden Blossoms

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